Construction Engineering

The Tallest Building Construction Project at the North of Anhui Province

Release time:2016-06-12

Bengbu City Central Plaza Super High-rise Building Project for Greenland Group

Located at the south of Bengbu City Archives and intersection of Longhu Road and Nanhu Road, the Bengbu City Central Plaza phase 5 super high-rise building project will be the tallest building at north of Anhui Province after completion with a total height of 180 meters for 40 floors of building A. The main building will be concrete structure (core tube plus frame column) with glass curtain wall structure for the outside. The 1st floor will be used for lobby and stores with a height of 5.4 meter, 2nd and 3rd floors for kitchen and commercial purpose with a height of 4.8 meter, and 4th to 40th floors for office purpose with a height of 4 meter. The parking apron will be located at the rooftop and ground floor for parking garage with a height of 5.5 meter.