Company Profile

Tianrun Construction Group Co., Ltd     

Anhui Tianrun Construction Group Co.,Ltd  is a an integrated group company with a total registered capital of 398 million RMB, and our business involves in building engineering, international engineering, commerce and trade service, real estate development, investment banking and such fields. It owns Tianrunduo supermarkets Limited Co.,Ltd., Anhui Zhongrun Real estate Co., Ltd., Anhui Tianrun Construction Group Co., Ltd. Philippines Corporation, Anhui Tianrun Construction Group Co., Ltd. Hefei Corporation, Anhui Tianrun  Construction Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing Corporation, Anhui Zhongzhi Municipal Garden Engineering Co., Ltd., Tianrun Investment Co., Ltd. as subsidiaries. 

The group company owns kinds of certificates and qualifications, including but not limit to General Contracting (Grade I) of Building Engineering Construction, General Contracting (Grade I) of Municipal Engineering Construction, General Contracting (Grade II) of Landscape Construction, Professional Contracting (Grade II) of Steel Structure Work. At present, the company equips with 620 technology and economy management personnel, 162 of them holding with Intermediate Certificate and 36 with title of senior professional post and 151 of them are National Certified Constructors.

Since the establishment, the company has persisted in the management philosophy of “leading with technology, abiding laws and keeping faith, assuring qualities, pioneering with environment protection”, and the marketing strategies of  “large market, large owner, large project”. By improving company image for outside and strengthening management at inside, the company has built an excellent social reputation in both civil and foreign markets, and has created “the law of  three 100 percents” which means the first acceptance rate is 100 percent, excellent rate is 100 percent and contract compliance rate is 100 percent. The annual output value has reached more than 5 billion RMB.

Looking into the future, facing the fierce competition situation like thousands of boats racing or hundreds of ships competing, Tianrun group will carry on the core values of “spreading civilization, harvesting sunshine”, actively create a development environment of “revitalizing with science and technology, thriving with talents, blooming with harmony”. We will keep hard-working and aggressive, accumulate Richly and break Forth Vastly, create excellent crafts of  the times and inherit environment friendly construction civilization.

 We are grateful for supports from all sectors of the society!

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